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Over the course of a year I gave a lot of talks because I wanted to learn more about public speaking. One time I gave two different talks in two different countries in less than 24 hours. That was exhausting but also fun!

I gave all kinds of talks, about dynamic programming and optimization, about functional programming, about building a shell, about engineering culture, and about Etsy's infrastructure. If you want to speak more too, I recommend techspeakdigest and WriteSpeakCode.

Dynamic programming at ease - with grammars, algebras, products

At StrangeLoop in St. Louis, Missouri, and also at BoBKonf in Berlin.

Functional programming and curry cooking in JavaScript

At JSConf EU in Berlin, Germany. Also at FluentConf in San Francisco, at BerlinJS, and closing talk at FullStackFest in Barcelona, Spain.

A culture of courage

At in Cologne, Germany. Also at Re:publica in Berlin, at Chaos Communication Camp in Brandenburg, and FrOSCon in Bonn.

OMG building a shell in 10 minutes

At Enthusiasticon in Berlin / Wikimedia Deutschland. I also made a 5 minute version for Etsy's ignite.

API-First architecture transformation at Etsy

At QCon New York, video on InfoQ. Also at CodeAsCraft:RecurseCenter in Brooklyn, and at International PHP Conference in Munich.

Your search service as a composable function

At Berlin Buzzwords, Berlin, Germany.

A firewall for your radical network

At Radical Networks in NYC, at Blackhoodie St. Pölten, Austria.

Project video from Prototype Fund.