DJ Daataa

DJ Daataa is a DJ that exists only as a facebook page and plays live music in the exhibition venue. Human DJ obsolete, entirely social media & image. If you "like" DJ Daataa's facebook page, an airhorn is being honked in the venue. If you post music wishes to the facebook page wall, the DJ will switch genres. Sound loops and projection mapping work in alc_freeliner and are hooked up to the Facebook API. This is a collaboration with vjuserzero, Aziz Light Crew, at Arthackday Montreal.

BYOG - Bring Your Own GIF

When I left Montreal, my goodbye party featured an installation that allowed guests to bring their own GIFs on a USB drive. A script is constantly checking the USB devices for GIFs, and a player plays them at random, allowing a bit of GIF control such as playback speed, reversing and a simple up/downvoting system. Hacked together on a trainride, ran all night long.


Propinquity is a wearable computer game, explicitly focused on the body rather than the screen, that is designed to evoke both dancing and fighting games. It focuses on full body interaction and the use of sound and game play mechanics to produce an intensely social and physical experience. I worked as a programmer on the code in processing, and helped soldering and sewing for the hard and soft circuits of this game (with Anouk Wipprecht and Jane Tingley).


Nitwhips were several LED-illuminated poles at the main promenade of the Burning Man festival. The poles could be manipulated like whips from the ground, painting patterns in the sky with the persistance-of-vision effect. Collaboration with 14 artists from the Montreal area (with Vincent Leclerc). Funded with Burning Man Art Grant.


Keymusix is a musical keylogger. It works on Linux and MacOS and intercepts keystrokes at the operating system level. Instead of recording every keystroke, it translates them into bar piano music by mapping the alphabet letters by frequency to a pentatonic scale. After some learning, you can hear patterns and typos when your brain gets used to the ambient sonification while you type. Collaboration with Pepijn De Vos and David Leibovic, Hackerschool New York.

Solderin' skaters

A real life skateboarding game, where the hardware fits inside the trucks of a skateboard, connects via bluetooth to a smartphone running the game, and sensors allow trick detection and scoring of points in the game. Collaboration of 9 artists and engineers from the University of Bielefeld, Germany. Nokia Push N900 winning project.